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Imagine a life where you actually took control of how much you work and how much you earn…

For over 86 years, Motor Club of America has established itself as one of the most trusted companies nationwide when it comes to roadside assistance and total life assurance. With customers and associates in virtually every state in the nation, we have a clear strategy for success and providing our members with the finest products and services available in the Motor Club Industry today.

As an MCA Associate, you have the opportunity to sell and enjoy our exclusive services that give you ultimate security at home and on the road. You'll also be part of a compensation program that rewards your efforts and offers step by step support as you reach for your goals and gain the financial rewards you’ve always dreamed of.

The concept behind Motor Club of America's business opportunity program is not only straightforward, but also the most lucrative in the industry. Put simply, we will reward you for using our services and for helping others purchase a plan that will give them total peace of mind through MCA.

Go Best Now with the Matrix Platinum

Matrix Platinum is the plan you've be hearing about!

Loaded with the best membership rewards! The MCA Matrix is the ultimate home business opportunity.

Think about stacking champagne glasses. You start pouring from the top and as it flows down, each glass is filled spilling over into the next level and so on. The matrix is a system where you have an entire group of people working together to fill the matrix.

For example, a 3 by 8 matrix allows 3 people to be located under you, and your matrix goes 8 levels deep. 

If your matrix was full of people under you, you would have 3 on your first level, 9 on your second level, 27 on your third level, 81 on your fourth level and 243 on your fifth level and you continue multiplying by 3 through additional levels for a total of 6561 in your matrix organization. 

When you enter a new sale or add a new associate it will automatically fall into the next available slot. An example of this is you have filled 3 levels and have 27 people in your three legs of the matrix. Now, you add another person and the first available slot would be on level 4 of your eight and would be member no. 28. Any personal sale you make at the top of the matrix, will flow down and fill the first available slot in the row with 81 and can be in leg 1,2, or 3. 

Your first group starts working to build that leg or team. Your memberships will continue to build. Team 1 members will build the first 3 with You helping them. The same happens for teams 2 and 3. Now everyone in group 1 works to build all eight levels in group 1; everyone in group 2 works to build through 8 levels in group 2; and group 3 works to build through all eight levels of group 3. 

You earn reward commissions the 15th of each month based on the number of memberships you have on each line. You are paid per line, whether the line is totally filled or not. 

MCA Matrix Platinum Total Security Plan pays commission the same as the Regular Total Security Plan. $80 Advance/$4.62 earned. 

Now, the Matrix Platinum adds a lot of additional benefits for the customers, plus pays you the additional rewards from the matrix on the 15th of each month based on the total number in your group. Matrix rewards are the only part of the structure that pays through 8 levels and has no qualification requirements unless you are matching with first and second level associates.


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